Pterosaur sterna arranged phylogenetically

for Hone (2023)

Afrocygnus holotype for Wikipedia

Petrodactyle wellnhoferi skeletal diagram for the original description of the genus.

Commissioned by the Lauer Foundation for Hone, Lauer, Lauer, and Spindler (2023).

Sterna of rhamphorhynchid pterosaurs for Hone (2023)

Bisticeratops froeseorum skeletal diagram for Wikipedia

Bisticeratops froeseorum skull-only diagram for Wikipedia.

Liaoceratops yanzigouensis skeletal diagram for Wikipedia

Liaoceratops yanzigouensis skull-only diagram for Wikipedia

Tarbosaurus bataar skull-only diagram

Daspletosaurus sp. skull diagram

Dermodactylus montanus

Branta rhuax