Illustration Commissions

If you have already received an invoice, you can pay at this link.

I take commissions for illustrations of various types. If you are interested, please contact me via Twitter or email.

I will not accept any scientific illustration commissions that I cannot be confident are accurate. 

I am most knowledgeable about dinosaurs and pterosaurs but I can illustrate other things as well. Feel free to ask me!

Reference material (such as pictures or scans of fossils) must be provided by the commissioner or available in published sources for scientific illustration.

The price of a commission varies depending on the time, complexity and intended use.

Illustrations for scientific or personal use are charged a lower rate than illustrations for commercial use. 

Copyright terms negotiable depending on commissioner needs. 

Below are a few examples of the types of illustrations I do. Just because something is not on this page doesn't mean I won't do it. Feel free to ask.

Fossil Interpretive Drawing

Grayscale or color-coded interpretive line drawing of fossil.

Example Shown: AMNH FARB 6515, holotype of Velociraptor mongoliensis

Rigorous Skeletal Diagram

Skeletal diagram of animal with known incomplete material only.

Example shown: Anhuilong diboensis

Full Skeletal Diagram

Skeletal diagram of animal known from complete skeleton or incomplete skeleton with missing parts inferred from related animals.

Example shown: Petrodactyle wellnhoferi, featured in Hone et al. 2023

Skull-only Skeletal

Skeletal diagram of animal showing only skull and partial outline.

Example shown: Tarbosaurus bataar

Paleoart or other art

I primarily deal with paleoart, but I can draw various other things too, including birds. 

Example shown: Branta woolfendeni (an extinct species of goose)